Hard / Notarized Copy

 A hard copy of the translation with certification notarized by NY Notary Public 
 Accepted in all 50 U.S. states 
 Delivered by USPS Priority Mail with tracking No. 
 Translation of a document must be ordered separately
 Notarized copies of previous translations are available

Do I need a hard copy of the translation?

In most cases, no. USCIS, Universities, Evaluation Agencies accept certified translations in PDF files, so you do not need to order a paper copy of the translation. But in some rare cases, this is required, for example, when you submit a translation to consulates/embassies, courts, some government agencies.

Does USCIS require notarized or hard copies of translations?

No, USCIS doesn't require a notarized or hard copy of the translation. Our certified e-copy of translation in PDF file is acceptable and fully complies with USCIS requirements. Please see the sample of our Certificate of Translation

What do I receive, if I don't opt to order a hard copy of the translation?

You'll receive a PDF file with a certified copy of the translation, regardless of whether a hard copy of the translation has been ordered or not. The translation appears on the company's professional letterhead and includes a copy of the original and a signed Certificate of Translation. Furthermore, the translation can be verified online by a receiving official.

Can I order hard/notarized copies later?

Yes, a hard/notarized copy of the translation can be ordered later, if necessary.

Samples of translations are on the page of a specific document.

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