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Hard / Notarized Copy

 Hard copy with or without notary certification
 Delivered by USPS Priority mail with tracking 
 Translation of a document must be ordered separately

Do I need hard copy of translation?

In most cases, no. USCIS, Universities, Evaluation Agencies accept certified translations in PDF files, so you do not need to order paper copy of the translation. But in some rare cases this is required, for example, when you submit translation to consulates/embassies, courts, some government agencies.

Does USCIS require notarized or hard copies of translations?

No, USCIS don't require notarized or hard copy of translation. Our certified e-copy of translation in PDF file is acceptable and fully comply with USCIS requirement. Please see sample of our Certificate of Translation

What do I receive, if I don't opt to order hard copy of translation?

You'll receive PDF file with certified copy of translation, regardless of whether hard copy of translation have been ordered or not. Translation is appeared on the company professional letterhead, and includes a copy of original and signed Certificate of Translation. Furthermore, the translation can be verified online by a receiving official.

Can I order hard/notarized copies later?

Yes, hard/notarized copy of the translation can be ordered lately, if necessary.

Samples of translations are on the page of a specific document.

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