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People who are educated in Russia and moved to the US need to translate their education documents in the following cases:

  • For the employer
  • To continue education in the US
  • To confirm the level of education

Since 2006, we have translated several thousand of diplomas from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

    Educational documents we translate:
  • Diplomas from Colleges, Technicums, Universities, Institutes
  • Supplement to Diplomas (Transcripts) from Colleges, Technicums, Universities, Institutes
  • Academic Reports
  • PhD Diplomas
  • Internship Certificates for Doctors

Over the years of our translation practice, we have developed a large terminological database for diplomas and transcripts for various fields, for example, Management, Marketing, Finance and Credit, General Medicine, Nursing, Economics, Software and System Engineering, Jurisprudence / Law, Business Administration, Linguistics, Accounting even Fashion Design, Mechanization of Agriculture, Landscape Design, Artist of Orchestra, Choreography, and this is only a small part of Diploma’s specialties which we translated.

Who orders the translation of Russian diplomas? Medical doctors, engineers, managers, economists, financiers, teachers, programmers, fashion designers, musicians, biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, nurses, linguists, lawyers, etc.

The level of diplomas that we translate: Bachelor (Bakalavr), Master (Magistr), Specialist, PhD (kandidat nauk).

Diplomas in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are issued by technical schools (technicum) and colleges, institutes and universities, academies (a popular trend in the mid-90s), the form of ownership of these educational institutions can be both private and state.

Our translated Diplomas and Transcripts are accepted by the following organizations:

  • Any employer in the United States
  • Any admission office of any university or college
  • WES, USMLE, ECFMG and other NACES members

How do we translate Diploma or Transcript? After receiving the order for translation of the diploma/transcript/academic report, the translator translates the text, the subjects, print hours and grades, then the translator draws up the translation so that it looks identical to the original. After that, an editor is connected to work, who checks the translation for typos, misspellings and errors.

Apostille to diploma

You can place Apostille stamp on Russian Diploma or Transcript in one of the following institution:

1) Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (issued to original diplomas and transcripts issued by educational institution)

2) Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (issued to notarized copy)

The second option is highly undesirable. Pay attention to the requirement of WES to the educational documents:

Our guarantees for translation of Diploma and Transcript

  • Certificate of Translation included for free
  • Notarization available
  • Word-for-word, line-by-line translation
  • Produced on official company's letterhead
  • accepted by any U.S. college/university, evaluation agency (including WES, IERF), CUNY, ECFMG, NASBA, USMLE, employer
  • Online verification of translation provided
  • Corporate member of ATA

Do you need original documents for translation?

No, we don't need originals of your Diploma or Transcript. Scan or take a photo of your document and attach it while ordering. We accept documents in different formats: pdf, jpeg, tiff, gif, txt, Word, pages, etc. 

Certified translation services for Russian Diplomas and Transcripts originated from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Soviet Union.Our company is located in New York (serving Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island), but we provide diploma and transcript translation services all over the U.S. (California - Los Angeles (LA), San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco (SF), Frenso, Sacramento, Long Beach, Riverside, Texas, DFW area - Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, TX; and Chicago, IL, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Berkley, Jacksonville, Miami, Columbus, Rego Park, Columbus OH, Washington DC, New Jersey, Boston, Seattle, Nashville, Denver, Las Vegas, Tucson, Tulsa, Pittsburgh, Brighton, Seattle, Pittsburg, Miami, Dallas, Baltimore, Virginia, Charlotte, San Diego, Sacramento, Detroit, Raleigh, Connecticut, Atlanta, Portland, Phoenix).

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