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According to the U.S. government requirements, English translation of a foreign language document must be accompanied by a legible photocopy of the original and a certification from the Language Service Provider (LSP) confirming the accuracy of translation and attesting the competence in both languages.

A summary or an extract of a document prepared by a translator is not acceptable.

Apostlille validates a foreign document in the United States. It can be applied to a public record by designated officials in the originating country. Though some authorities in the U.S., e.g. USCIS, do not require it, it is recommended to get your document apostilled prior to bringing it into the United States. Be aware, that Apostllie is applied to the original document, not its translation. Get your document apostilled in the originating country and translated in the United States.

English writing of the names must be consistent in all the paperwork.


No original Is required for translation.
A photocopy is sufficient. Scan the document and upload the image file as a product option, or take a photo of the source document, if you place an order on a mobile device.

Some government agencies and public offices, e.g. USCIS, accept photocopies of translations.
Download Pdf-file with completed translation and Certificate of Translation using the link provided in the order details section of your account, print it out, staple and submit to the required authority.

If full legal responsibility of the certifier is requested by a receiving office, a notarized copy of translation is required.
Such paper (hard) copy of translation with Affidavit of Translation Accuracy affirmed before the Notary is delivered by mail, if ordered.

Document must be translated in full.
Apostille is supposed to be translated, if present. Check this option, if your document is apostilled.

It is important to understand, that the names are not translated, but transliterated according to certain rules/standards established by responsible public authorities of foreign countries.
The rule of a thumb is to use the names shown in a travel passport and application for visa. You can enter the required transliteration of the names in the corresponding option field.

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