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Diploma - Ukraine (new form)

 Certificate of Translation included
 word-for-word, line-by-line translation
 produced on official company's letterhead
 accepted by USCIS, universities / colleges, evaluation agencies (including WES, ECFMG, ECE, FCE, etc.), employer 
 online verification of translation provided
 notarized / hard copy available
 corporate member of ATA, Member # 252637

What will I receive?

You'll receive a PDF file with signed Certificate of Translation ready for submission to USCIS, U.S. University/College, evaluation agency, employer.

Do you need original documents for translation?

No, we don't need originals. Scan or make a photo of your document and attach it below.

Will the formatting of the document be the same as original?

Yes, you'll receive word-for-word, line-by-line translation with the same format as original.

How do I request a revision of my translation?

Please email us your corrections, we'll be happy to make your reasonable revisions.

I need notarized/hard copy of translation.

It can be added to the shopping cart as a separate item 'Hard/Notarized Copy'.

What is transliteration?

This is writing your name in the Latin alphabet (as it written in Passport, Green Card or other official document).

Source document Certified translation
Ukrainian Diploma for Certified Translation certified translation of Ukrainian Degree Diploma
Source document Certified translation
Bachelor or Master Diploma from Ukraine for Certified Translation certified translation of Ukrainian Diploma
More Information
Source language Russian, Ukrainian
Target language English
Country of origin Ukraine
Destination country United States
Accepted by any US college/university, evaluation agency (WES, ECFMG, etc.), employer
Certification pdf-file (e-copy) / paper copy with notary (hard copy), if ordered
Delivery email (e-copy) / mail (hard copy), if ordered
Online verification provided
Order tracking available
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