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No matter where you live in New Jersey (Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth or Northern NJ)

you will receive your translation in time! 

Many nationals from Russia and Ukraine decide to settle in New Jersey. This state is attractive for its closeness to New York, and at the same time a more relaxed rhythm of life, and the lower cost of rent.

You might want to get an American education and apply to one of the universities of New Jersey (Rutgers University, Montclair State University, DeVry University, Strayer University), perhaps you will find employment in a company in the state of New Jersey, or perhaps your child will need to translate an immunization card to attend a daycare facility or school, we are ready to take care of your translation needs. 

Should I specify my patronymic name?

A patronymic in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan is part of the name given to the child by the name of the father. In the United States, as a rule, official documents require you to specify the middle name (second name), usually a part of two or three words given name. Often, it is reduced to one letter, for example, George W. Bush. In the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian passports the patronymic does not specify whether to use it when submitting application to USCIS. It is a private matter for everyone. Some people want to get rid of this "patronymic tail" so unusual in the United States. Some people want to keep their patronymic as a tribute to the father. 

Translating your Russian documents, we can: 

1) Not specify a patronymic

2) Shorten the patronymic to the first letter

3) Translate patronymic name completely (Vladimirovich, Ivanovich, Petrovich)

The decision will remain with the customer. Therefore, it is so important when ordering in the field of transliteration of the name to indicate the correct spelling of your name and your wishes on the patronymic.

Also, when placing an order, we ask you to specify the transliteration of the given name and surname. What is this for? In order for your given names and surnames to coincide with those specified in the USCIS application. Let's give a simple example, the name of Elena in transliterated from the Russian as Elena, while transliterated from the Ukrainian as Olena. And if a girl Elena was born somewhere to suppose in Vladivostok, Russia and then moved to Kyiv, Ukraine and received a Ukrainian passport in which her name was indicated as Olena and accordingly, all the documents she came to the United States indicates that she is Olena. 

But in the certificate of birth issued in Vladivostok, Russia, she is indicated as Elena. According to the rules of transliteration, we as translators should translate her name on the Birth Certificate as Elena. It will be wrong. Of course, we can always quickly correct the names by your request, but it is better to specify the correct names before an order is placed.

Most popular areas of New Jersey where live Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs: 08701, 07055, 08753, 07087, 07093, 07002, 07305, 08527, 07728, 07047, 07111, 07470, 07083, 08081, 08873, 07030, 08854, 08831, 07306, 08861, 08021, 07104, 08816, 08053, 08817, 07052, 08901, 07003, 08401, 08540, 08234, 07726, 07060, 08360, 08724, 08054, 08302, 07601, 07105

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