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No matter where you live in Phoenix Metropolian Area (Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, Surprise, Tempe)

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We have translated more than 10,000 birth certificates since 2006. Most often the birth certificate is applied to USCIS. For all of our work, USCIS has always accepted translations made by our company. All the documents that our customers send for the translation are stored on secure servers. The leakage of personal data is excluded. 

Certificates of birth began to be issued in Russia and the former Soviet countries from the beginning of the 19th century. Earlier vital records were made in churches. Data on births, marriages and deaths were recorded in church books and were called Metrics. Often, during fires and wars, records were destroyed or lost, and it was not possible to restore them. 

Very often people born in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in the early 19th century did not know exactly the date, or even the year of their birth. Certificates of birth began to be issued extensively from the 1920s. The Russian or Ukrainian birth certificate contains information about the newborn, the date of his birth, his parents and their nationality. 

Translation of names is made in accordance with the rules of transliteration from Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian into English. As a rule, when placing an order, we ask our customers to specify the transliteration of names. The date format is also slightly different. In Russia, the date is specified in Day/Month/Year format, while in the US the format is Month/Day/Year. And since the document is filed in the territory of the United States, we indicate the local American format, for the convenience of information reading by USCIS officers.

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