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We specialize in certified translation of documents in Russian and Ukrainian, though we can manage few other languages as well. In 2004 we introduced the first document translation web store in the industry, and we continue to strive for excellence. Quality of our translations is exceptional, prices are very competetive, 24-hour expedited processing and overnight FedEx delivery is available. We also provide associated services, such as document retrieval, apostille authentication, consular legalization, drafting, consulting and legal counseling in a number of foreign countries. We have thousands of satisfied clients all over the world, and we hope that you'll enjoy our service as well.

-- Foreign Documents, LLC


prices are as low as $19.95 per page
unmatched quality of translations (in-house, exceptional design, quality assurance, online validation)
certification (Affidavit of translation accuracy) is included
notarized certification is available
- accepted by USCIS, NY universities and colleges, New York State government agencies
24 hour expedited service is available
- corporate  ATA member
- 10+ years in business



  VITAL RECORDS                      




  Birth Certificate  

  Marriage Certificate  

  Divorce Certificate  

  Death Certificate  


  High School Certificate  

  Diploma / Transcript  



  Driver's License  

  Adoption Certificate  

  Vaccination Report  

  Name Change Certificate  



You should distinguish (A) true TRANSLATION and (B) purely MANAGERIAL company. 

(A)  True TRANSLATION company produces translations IN-HOUSE and has: 

-  a single group of professional translators qualified in the company's working languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian)

-  a library of carefully crafted company’s translation templates 

-  a library of the company’s specialized terminology databases

-  a set of machine translation tools

-  a set of specific technological procedures combining different phases of document translation such as:

-  designing translation templates for each official document type (form/revision)

-  creating working translation framework using matched document templates

-  extracting (re-typing & checking for typos) source text fragments intended for machine translation (i.e. academic transcripts and course descriptions, medical and legal documents, etc.)

-  interactive machine translation using specialized terminology databases performed by highly qualified translation expert

-  incorporating such fragments after machine translation into working translation templates

-  meticulous typos/error checking by different persons at different stages of translation

-  detailed search for actual names of places (cities, villages, etc.) and institutions, explanation of abbreviations, etc.

-  detailed description of seals and stamps

-  correct handling of personal name transliterations

-  a set of implemented quality assurance procedures to ensure accuracy, no errors and professional appearance of translations

-  processing / mailing room for handling hard copies, notarization, mail, etc.

All of the above is the result of hard meticulous work of a single team of highly qualified professionals over many years.

(B)  Lately document translation market has been flooded by a large number of purely MANAGERIAL agencies which do not have all of the above. They outsource translations to the cheapest unskilled freelancers, and forward received translation files to customers. No wonder that such translations are full of typos and errors and look very primitive and amateurish. These imposters usually cannot provide hard notarized copies of certified translations, because they have no in-house translators whatsoever. They don't provide mailing addresses on their websites. They recently appeared on the market, but post hundreds of shamelessly fabricated rave reviews. As a matter of fact they have massive complaints due to very pure quality of translations which can be easily checked online. Be aware and do not succumb to the hype. Glamorous website and low prices can be misleading. All that glisters is not gold...

No matter where you live in New York City (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island), Forest Hills, Centereach, Nassau County, Orchard Park, Buffalo, Jackson Heights, Westchester, Syracuse, Albany your document will be translated from Russian to English at the lowest price.

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